handshake hand‧shake [ˈhændʆeɪk] noun [countable]
1. HUMAN RESOURCES another name for golden handshake
2. COMPUTING when one computer gives information to another computer, telling it that a connection has been made:

• You will get a handshake telling you what system is on the other end.

3. COMMERCE on a handshake if you do a deal on a handshake, you do it without making a formal contract or agreement:

• I always did business on a handshake, but now you need 10-page contracts for everything.

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handshake UK US /ˈhændʃeɪk/ noun [C]
a greeting in which two people who are facing each other take hold of each other's right hand and move it up and down: »

His charm begins with a warm smile, his arm on your shoulder and a firm handshake.

a business agreement made informally without signing an agreement: »

a handshake agreement/deal


On a handshake, I've promised the first car to one of our established customers.

GOLDEN HANDSHAKE(Cf. ↑golden handshake)
IT a signal sent from one computer to another to show that they are ready to send and receive information: »

Hackers false requests for an electronic handshake with our machines are so numerous that the legitimate requests can't get through.

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